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Friendly Review of this amazing Shape-Shifting Cube, this is the Shashibo Cube review. Made by Fun in Motion Toys, you can pick up the SHASHIBO on Amazon. Coming in just a little larger than a Rubik's cube, it starts off as a small box of a single color. After opening it up, you unveil the 4 different colors/patterns and the size expands as you create over 70 shapes. The pieces of the cube snap into place from the rear earth magnets hidden inside. shashibo cube 60% discount The SHASHIBO makes for a great desk toy as it looks like a piece of art making it a great conversation piece. As a fidget toy, the SHASHIBO is too large for one-hand, but it works great with 2 hands. You can also use it as a puzzle as you try to make certain shapes. shashibo, shape, shifting, box, cube, transforming, fun, in, motion, toys, fidget, star, rubiks, geometry, geobender, andreas, stem, steam, Shashibo, Official Shashibo, puzzle cube, puzzle box, fidget toy, fidget toys, new fidget toy, fidget fever, fidget cube, fidget life, fidgeting, art toy, Fun in Motion Toys, Science toy, STEM, STEAM, puzzle, ADHD toy, brain stimulation toy, sensory toy, brain toy, geometry toy, learning toys, adult puzzle, kid puzzle, puzzle toy

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