West Midlands man shamefully panic calls RSPCA after thinking toy Cobra is real
Reports that he was also found trying to put a sim card into a giant inflatable phone are unconfirmed

Good old Jad Raj from the West Midlands, England shamefully called the RSPCA after seeing what he thought was a real cobra in his garden.

Still sobbing, he tried to expain... "When I saw the snake it didn’t seem to be moving very much, but I was scared stiff - I thought I hope it’s not poisonous".

The bemused RSCPA chap who turned up to the scene  said "I couldn’t believe my eyes when I got there and saw the plastic snake as it didn’t look real in any way".

"Real snake"


It is not known how the “cobra” got there, it is thought that a bird might have dropped it in after also shamefully thinking it was real. The RSPCA say the matter is not being investigated further.

Peeped 2531 times Written by Jeff Tague

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